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    When we started The Local Wit, we wanted to create something that we would be excited to share. But we also realized that it was an opportunity to give back. There are so many companies that have made giving back a part of who they are and we wanted to embrace that practice right from the beginning.

    That is why we will be donating a portion of our sales to New York Cares. 

    While starting a business like ours can be complicated and frustrating it is in no way comparable to the challenges and obstacles that exist for so many people who live in our same neighborhood and throughout the city.

    We are very aware that starting a second business is a luxury. And with so many New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line, it is so important to use what resources we have to do good in this city.

    We've volunteered with New York Cares for several years now, and we are always impressed by their commitment to helping New Yorkers get out and help other New Yorkers.

    Giving money is just one part of the equation. By enabling New Yorkers to give their time New York Cares helps break down the barriers that exist between the lives we lead and the life that takes place around us.

    We hope to be able to continue this practice as The Local Wit goes forward. We love this city and we want everybody to have a chance to build their lives here.

    If you'd like to give money or your time to New York Cares, please visit them here: